The Answer

In  the Tiny Petal
Of the Tiny Flower
That Grew
   from the Tiny Pod
Is the Miracle
And the Mystery
Of All Creation ...
   And God

               Helen Steiner Rice

The Earth Laughs in Flowers. Let our Every Day be Filled with Laughter!
" If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.....

Spring Time     SPRING 2003      ROSES SAY "I Love You"    Smiling Faces of Orchids   LILIES & such   
Summer Time     Orange & Lemon Blooms
    Green & Colorful Branches    Late Summer and Fall
After the Rain    
Some Strange Looking Flowers   
Blooming Cacti     BROWNS VALLEY CACTI     
On The Meadow
     Around Streams and Ponds     Some Bouquets     How About Some Weeds?

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